The DRSEF is always looking for new partners to increase the opportunities available to our students. While we are very fortunate in the participation we receive from principal sponsors such as Beal Bank, Fluor, Northrop Grumman, Southern Methodist University, and others, there is a significant need for additional partnerships in the following areas:

Special Awards: Each year, DRSEF provides the opportunity for students to showcase their talents, and in many cases to earn money towards college. Special awards are a way for your personal or business dollars to directly affect a student’s educational career – you choose the award name, criteria, and recipient.

Click here for the Special Award Donor Information sheet

General Donations: The fair incurs regular operating costs just like any other non-profit, charity, or business. Our costs include facility rentals, marketing, IT, office materials, judges’ expenses (recruiting, food, and thank-you mementos), volunteer expenses (recruiting, food, and official t-shirts), lighting, audio/visual, tables and chair rentals, flights and hotel expenses for students and chaperones traveling to the International Science Fair, and many others. Donations of cash and materials are welcomed at any level.

Endowments: The fair operates with very little assets and – by design – runs a balanced budget each year, spending as much as we can on scholarships and educational opportunities as our income permits. Companies or individuals desiring to make a larger gift or endowment to assure the continued operation of the fair are encouraged to contact us in the manner they see fit.

The Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair is a non-profit association certified by the IRS, and therefore donations made to the DRSEF are tax-deductible*. In addition, DRSEF offers advertising and other benefits to all donors – these benefits may allow your business to write off your contribution as a marketing expense*.


* The DRSEF is not a taxation authority, financial advisor, or tax preparation provider.  Statements made in regard to the tax deductibility or expense write off are not meant or intended to be financial or taxation advice. Always consult with your financial advisor, accountant, and/or tax planner for advice on how you or your business may benefit from deductions under the IRS tax code.

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